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1680D Oxford cloth material science How to choose Oxford cloth with skills

Source: DJ   Published: 2018-06-13

About 1680D Oxford cloth:

1680D is the abbreviation of 1680D double-strand Oxford cloth, which is a plain weave fabric with double warp and double weft. The original raw material is nylon.

Usually, two 420D nylon yarns are combined into a twisted 840D yarn after winding and twisting, because the weaving method is double warp and double weft, and the two 840D yarns are 1680D double strands.

1680D double-strand Oxford cloth has strong tensile strength and wear resistance, and also has extremely high density and waterproofness. Its waterproof performance generally reaches the current IPX3 or IPX4 waterproof level. In addition, 1680D double-strand Oxford cloth has Noble luster, 1680D material is now generally used for high-end outdoor products or luggage fabrics.

The post-finishing is mostly calendered PVC, Youli glue, PU coating, EVA composite, and there are also transfer printing, hot rolling, screen printing, etc.

Most of the 1680D double-strand Oxford cloth produced by domestic manufacturers is polyester bright filament.

1680D Oxford cloth application:

In terms of game console bag processing plants: there are many game console storage bags that are very useful. For example, the surface material of the very good switch large-capacity EVA bag sold on Amazon is made of 1680D Oxford cloth.

It is also used a lot in digital handbag factories. For example, most of the popular SLR camera bags sold on ebay also use 1680D Oxford cloth.

Other handbag industries also use a lot, so I won't give examples one by one.

Shenzhen Zhuolinxing Electronics Co., Ltd. - The handbag workshop will also use a lot of 1680D Oxford cloth materials in the production and procurement process, and also apply many products such as Nintendo game console storage bags, Sony game console bags, game console EVA bags, hard disk bags, earphones bags, power bank packs, etc.

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