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Focus on the industry 8 years

Shenzhen Zhuolinxing Electronics Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the research and development, production and sales of interactive game toys.

We have rich management experience and professional sewing and assembly technology to meet customer requirements in one step, that is to provide OEM plus

Our products cover PS, computer, XBOX, TV and other game blankets and toy blankets, and are exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries. The material adopts environmental protection PVC material or EN-71 standard, etc...

The company is committed to establishing mutually beneficial, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with customers, and warmly welcomes you to visit our factory for guidance.

Company IntegrityWord of Mouth Advantage

Since its establishment in 2001, Shenzhen Zhuolinxing Electronics Co., Ltd. has been based on the enterprise spirit of "professionalism, integrity, hard work and mutual benefit"

It has won the trust and support of customers and friends at home and abroad, and has a good reputation in the circle. The companies we have served are DDR-GAME in the United States.

American IDEA Company, Germany KICK-STAR Company, Singapore GOSH Company, Korea I-C Company, Zhongshan Xiaobawang and other domestic and overseas customers.

Product LineAdvantages

Our company has the advantages of various varieties and styles of products, which can meet the different product needs of customers.

Game peripherals: our company produces many styles of ordinary dance mats/metal dance tables/game mats/yoga mats/guitars, etc.

Consumer electronics: In the first year of VR, our company also designed, developed and produced different types of VR 3D virtual glasses boxes to meet the different needs of VR users.

Under the new normal of Internet +, in order to meet the small batch orders of EBAY / Amazon / wish / AliExpress / Tmall and other large and small e-commerce friends, our company

Produced a variety of ipad Samsung bluetooth keyboard leather case, VR 3D virtual glasses case in stock to meet the long-term purchase and sales of e-commerce

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