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European powerhouse World Cup Portugal VS Spain Cristiano Ronaldo penalty kick long shot free kick hat trick draw Spain

Source: DJ   Published: 2018-06-16

Since the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Portugal VS Spain should be the most concerned by fans

Before the game, many people thought that this game might be a battle of Ronaldo alone, a challenge to the entire Spanish team.

That's true during the game

The whole game was magnificent, you chased me, you scored a goal and I equalized a goal, and the game continued to be stalemate. This is exactly the fierce scene that our fans want to see. I was so excited that I almost dropped my Nintendo switch game console off the floor. Fortunately, I had a special storage bag for the game console.

Cristiano Ronaldo was undoubtedly the most dazzling in the whole game. He scored a three-point goal with a long-range penalty kick and scored a hat-trick to help the team draw with the powerful Spain 3:3. During the game, Cristiano Ronaldo also had countless The second is to cooperate with teammates to make assists and assists. It’s a pity that teammates are not strong, otherwise this game will be estimated to be 5:3. According to the data analysis of Ronaldo, it seems that the sixth Ballon d’Or is running.

Congratulations to all the teams who have worked hard and dedicated themselves in the World Cup, friendship comes first, and games are also important,

2018 World Cup own goal Morocco headed to break his own door and sent a
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