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Zhuolin Xingqing Loves Winter Solstice. Yiyi Christmas

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Li Keqiang emphasized at the State Council executive meeting on April 6 that China should seize the "first opportunity" of the new round of circulation industry revolution.

On the same day, the meeting deployed to promote the "Internet + Circulation" action. This is called a new round of "circulation industry revolution". The Prime Minister traced back history and said that the first department store was born in France in the 17th century, which greatly led to a revolution in the circulation industry; after the 19th century, a large number of chain stores appeared in the United States, which led to a new round of revolution in the circulation industry. In the tide of "Internet + circulation", the latest round of "circulation industry revolution" has been born.

"Logistics and production are inseparable. The 'industrial revolution' and the 'circulation revolution' in history have always been a pair of 'twin sisters'." Li Keqiang said.

Relevant statistics show that in 2015, the retail transaction volume of online shopping in my country reached 3.88 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.33%, ranking first in the world. China is on the fast train of the latest round of "circulation industry revolution". Li Keqiang further emphasized that in order to seize the "opportunity" of the circulation industry revolution and maintain a leading position, it is necessary to break through the four "bottleneck constraints" in the hard and soft environment.

Increase investment in rural broadband construction to bridge the "digital divide" between rural and urban areas

The first major "bottleneck" proposed by the Prime Minister is the lag in the construction of rural information infrastructure.

"There is still huge market demand and potential in my country's rural areas, and it has not been fully driven. At present, telecommunications companies should increase their investment and further increase the construction of rural broadband networks and base stations!" said the Prime Minister, "This is not only conducive to industrial products going to the countryside, Let rural people enjoy the same consumer services as urban people; it will also help expand the market for agricultural products and increase farmers' income."

The Prime Minister has previously promoted "rural e-commerce" on many occasions to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas through the Internet. According to statistics from relevant departments, the online shopping transaction volume in rural areas reached 353 billion yuan in 2015, a year-on-year increase of 96%.

"When I went to the grassroots to investigate, even in remote villages, the villagers used smartphones. Therefore, we must speed up the investment in rural broadband construction, increase efforts to promote the development of rural e-commerce, and bridge the 'digital divide between rural and urban areas. '!" Li Keqiang said.

Build a smart logistics system, develop the Internet of Things, and truly "revitalize" the circulation

The second "bottleneck" proposed by Li Keqiang is the lag of smart logistics system, Internet of Things, and cold chain transportation.

In September last year, during Premier Li Keqiang’s inspection tour in Henan, a person in charge of an e-commerce company introduced the “crowdsourcing of refrigerated vehicles” model they were exploring.

"The price of a refrigerated truck is 700,000 yuan, which is indeed relatively high, but they have reduced the no-load rate of refrigerated trucks to about 10% through comprehensive scheduling of GPS and other data, and the transportation efficiency and operating efficiency have been greatly improved." In April At the executive meeting on the 6th, the Prime Minister talked about the situation at that time.

Li Keqiang said that my country's market demand for cold chain equipment and facilities is still very large, so it is necessary to build a smart logistics system, develop the Internet of Things, and break through the "hard bottleneck" that cold chain transportation lags behind.

"China has such a large market with 1.3 billion people. By breaking this "hard bottleneck" and truly revitalizing circulation, we will be able to release the huge market demand and potential of 1.3 billion people," the premier said.

Through the application of new technologies such as the Internet and big data, the level of supervision during and after the event will be further improved

The third "bottleneck" proposed by the Prime Minister is the lag in the "soft environment" of business. Counterfeit and shoddy products and frauds occur from time to time, and the level playing field needs to be strengthened urgently.

"Counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights are not only unfair competition for other companies, but also affect the healthy development of the entire industry," Li Keqiang said. He clearly required relevant departments to further improve the level of supervision during and after the event through the use of new technologies such as the Internet and big data.

"We have achieved 'three certificates in one' and 'one certificate and one code'. On this basis, the relevant departments should further improve the supervision level of counterfeiting, cheating, and intellectual property infringement." The Prime Minister said, " It is necessary to use reasonable supervision to break the 'soft constraints' of the business environment and promote the healthy development of the online and offline circulation industry."

The government must further improve its planning and management capabilities, and must not just save trouble and "ban it"

The fourth "bottleneck" proposed by the Prime Minister is the high rent of brick-and-mortar shops: "We want to integrate online and offline development, not only to allow brick-and-mortar stores to 'go online', but also to allow online stores to have the opportunity to go 'offline' However, an important bottleneck in this regard is the high 'rent' of shops."

Zhuolin Xingqing Loves Winter Solstice. Yiyi Christmas


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