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ipad air 2 &pro 9.7 keyboard leather case
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This is a Universal Plastic ABS Bluetooth Keyboard Holster for Ipad  air 2 /ipad PRO 9.7":

The leather is made of high-grade plain PU

Leather case feel: good touch feel;

Keyboard material: High-quality ABS scissor-foot plastic Bluetooth keyboard is used, which is also recognized as the most tactile keyboard structure in the industry.

The current spot colors are: only blue, and other colors will be added in the future

About hibernation: The leather case has no hibernation function, but the keyboard has a hibernation function button - one-key sleep & wake-up

Leather cover technology: voltage forming at one time

Bluetooth keyboard parameters:

1)Bluetooth 3.0 interface

2) oprating current: 4MA

3)Operating voltage: 3.7V

4)Li-ion battery capacity: 150mAH

5) Sleeping current: 200uA

6) charging current: 200mA

7)Charge time: 2Hours

8) standby time: 90days

9) uninterrupted working time: 100hours

1)Bluetooth 3.0interface

2)oprating current:4MA

3)oprating voltage:3.7V

4)Li-ion battery capacity:150mAH

5)Sleeping current:200uA

6)charging current:200mA

7)charge time:2Hours

8)standby time:90days

9)uninterruped working time:100hours


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