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European powerhouse World Cup Portugal VS Spain Cristiano Ronaldo penalty kick long shot free kick hat trick draw Spain


Since the 2018 World Cup in Russia Portugal VS Spain should be the most concerned by fans Before the game, many people thought that this game may be a battle of Ronaldo alone, a challenge to the entire Spanish team That's true during the game The ...

2018 World Cup own goal Morocco headed to break his own door and sent a


In the 2018 Russia World Cup group stage The first own goal was born, and it was also the first near the end of the game. Just such a goal sent the opponent to victory In the 94th minute of stoppage time, Iran won a free kick from the front court.

1680D Oxford cloth material science How to choose Oxford cloth with skills


About 1680D Oxford cloth: 1680D is the abbreviation of 1680D double-strand Oxford cloth, which is a plain weave fabric with double warp and double weft. The original raw material is nylon. Usually, two 420D nylon yarns are combined into a twisted 84...

4th Annual Football World Cup 2018 Russia World Cup


The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia (English: 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russian: Чемпиона́т ми́ра по футбо́лу 2018) is the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup. The match was held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018, the first time...

Xiaomi becomes the first domestic CDR Internet company, it is possible to build (Chinese version of Amazon)


The first share of CDR in China's capital market finally landed in the early morning of June 11. The official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed that Xiaomi Group (hereinafter referred to as Xiaomi) issued a CDR (Chinese D...

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